Thursday, September 4, 2008

Character economics

I'm performing a re-write of my first David chapter. I've had to change a few things. One of the major changes I made is that I put David and his mother in the air instead of making them drive cross-country. This was strictly an economic decision. I have decided that David's dad is dead, through some accident that resulted in a large monetary settlement. David and Elizabeth don't have to worry about money for David's education. I'm not going to explore the accident just yet. I'd like to leave it open-ended.

MarLo, likewise, is well-off. Her father has a very high-paying job in Chicago. Perhaps I'll make him an architect. Once I decided that MarLo has money, it informed a lot of other things, like what kind of car she drives. I've changed MarLo's ride from a little red late '80s VW Rabbit to a late-model Rabbit. Perhaps a 2007. Still red.

Claire is of a completely different socio-economic class than David and MarLo. She's barely getting by.

I'm still working my way to the end of David's first chapter. There was an extensive amount of research to do to get his back story well-grounded. I'm hoping that the next two chapters at least are just narrative, uncomplicated by academics that I'm unfamiliar with and that would require hours of digging around on the Internet and in textbooks. I'm also hoping that Claire's chapters come along much quicker. There won't be any research to do on Claire, as I've lived most of her experiences. And when I get into the extrasensory descriptions, I'm just going to be making up my own brand of nonphysical perception so that won't require anything more than an active imagination, though I will be reading a lot of research done on the field of remote viewing.

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