Saturday, September 6, 2008

David Made Me Do It

Tomorrow, I plan to go for a run as part of my getting to know David research. David is an alien being to me. He's my exact opposite in almost everything, except our shared fascination with architecture. David is an early riser, waking at 5:30 every morning and leisurely performing a set routine; I wake up at the last possible second and rush through my daily preparations. David is a bit of a mathematician; I can barely do long division. David dislikes music; I adore it. David is a graduate student; I got an associates, tried to go back for a bachelor's and gave up. David never learned to drive; I commute for nearly an hour every day. David is an only child; I have an older sister. David is inexpressive; I'm, obviously, keen on personal expression. David can write computer programs; I can't, but would like to learn so long as it doesn't involve too much math. David is an excellent debater; I'm more into conflict avoidance. David is a runner; I. Hate. Running.

Now, in my quest for authenticity, I have been trying to get to know David. I'm learning all sorts of things about Cognitive Sciences. I've got an apt textbook and have listened through a couple of podcast lectures. I'm asking questions of actual graduate students about their general headspace, time commitments and so on. I added the numbers carved into the Women's Table sculpture at Yale, for the love of Pete! And tomorrow...I am going for a run. Because David is a runner.

Davis is a runner because he likes the rhythm. He doesn't listen to music as music has a tendency to bring out emotions and David is utterly baffled by his emotions, so he forgoes music altogether. Instead, he runs. So part of getting to know David involves going for a run. (Cursing under my breath, here.) I have always been baffled by people who love running. Are their brains addicted to endorphins? I just don't understand it. Running sucks. But I'm going to do it. Because I'm dedicated.

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