Monday, December 1, 2008

Progress Report

Well, I've got a new tool! My Aspire One is up and running and networked with my desktop. I've written a bit on it. It's not impossible to type on, but it can be tricky. I'm very excited, as evidenced by the following exclamation points!!!

That being said, I performed some very minor re-writes of chapters 1 and 2, taking into account the feedback I've gotten so far from my Reach Readers. Chapter 3 is coming together slowly. It's still in several pieces that will need to be stitched together to form a coherent whole, but at least I'm not scrapping the whole chapter. Chapter 4 is turning out to be a fairly easy write. I've gotten the first three quarters of it written, pretty much in one sitting. The next bit is all in my head, but the challenge will be to get the words on the page. Chapter 5 is sketched out. Chapter 6 is also sketched out, and is where the story really begins. It's also where I'll have another big hangup requiring a lot of research and deep thought. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to put a lid on 3 and 4 about mid-week and then get a good start on 5 and 6 this weekend. I'm eager to post the next tandem of chapters for critique. I'm really excited to bring MarLo into play in Chapter 6.

For now, my pact reader is going to have to settle for incomplete chapters, though. I can't stick to a rigid bi-weekly deadline. I am far too concerned with quality prose and well-thought plot to rush myself. Admittedly, though, I should have gotten more writing done over the holiday weekend, but friends were in town to visit, so I spent more time socializing than I'd originally budgeted. It was worth it, though!

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