Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chapter Titles

It's possible that my ulcers have finally perforated. I've been more anemic than usual, have been running a low grade fever, and am in a fair amount of discomfort though it doesn't quit rise to such a pitch that would necessitate calling it pain. So that's kept me away from the keyboard tonight, though I did get nearly a half a page written on my lunch break today.

Chapter titles aren't necessary, but I think they're kind of fun. They give the opportunity to play with reader expectations. It also give me more solid footing when I think back on the story timeline. And I find that giving the chapter a 'theme' in the title keeps me from drifting into asides. I had thought to have every chapter title be a different platitude, as if Elizabeth were giving Claire and David little nuggets of advice or conventional wisdom, but that idea may or may not hold as the story progresses.

Chapters One and Two:
"All downhill from here”
“It's an uphill battle.”

Three and Four:
“Going nowhere fast”
“Speed isn't everything”

Five and Six (tentatively):
“Stop and smell the roses”
“Something fishy”

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