Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Library

Well, I may not have gotten anything written this weekend, but I did get quite a bit accomplished, nonetheless. I have now set up my library (as seen below) and am quite relieved that my books will no longer have to lay in inglorious piles on the floor. They now have comfortable homes where they are easily accessible, out of direct sunlight and safe from damp and dust. There is even room for another shelf or two if I decide to get rid of the rickety blue one and put my DVDs nearer the television.

My "Favorites" shelf looks a bit thin because I keep most of my true favorites within arm's reach of my bed. (And I don't own the Aubrey/Maturin series, which would claim a shelf of honor, I'm sure.) And it occurred to me hat having a bit of room to grow on my favorites shelf would be wise. I positively impressed myself by having a full shelf of nothing but poetry. And, yes, I do indeed have two full shelves of nothing but Orson Scott Card. They are mostly first editions and many of them are signed. I'm thrilled to finally be able to display them properly. Actually, now that I think of it, my "Science Fiction" shelf is all OSC overflow and the complete works of William Gibson. I really don't think I own any other science fiction books. I always just borrowed them from friends or the library.

But now that the holidays and the hard work on the library are all behind me, I intend to throw myself back into the narrative of Claire and David. I would like to get them past the Halloween party by the end of February. But we'll see how it goes.


Rolenthegreat said...

Is it really weird that my bookshelf is organized by color of the book spine right now? Can I also ask what is the organization of the large stack on the floor?

L. Davis said...

The stack is comprised of duplicate books. And it's not weird to organize books by color. It's aesthetically pleasing!