Monday, January 12, 2009

Quotes from Chapter 4

Some lines that I consider highlights from Claire's second chapter:

"I shut my eyes tightly in a moment of what I supposed passes for prayer when I'm at my very lowest. My silent petitions don't take the form of language in times liked these. I do not begin with “Dear Lord” and end with “Amen”. There is merely a succession of wants that rise to the forefront of my mind and jostle for rank. It is a rush of mingled pleading that I could no more interpret than the chatter of dolphins."
"A tiny sizzle of hope flares into being under my sternum and runs length of my arms as I seize my knife and begin immediately where I left off."

"I feel pressure mounting behind my eyes and close them tightly. For a few short seconds I am locked in battle with my unruly tear ducts."

"Gratitude floods through me, but finds no appropriate outlet. I can't very well hug a perfect stranger. I stand, searching for words, wasting precious time. I want to tell her that I couldn't be more in her debt if I were an inmate on death row and she'd just made the call to pardon me, but a simple “thank you” is all I can manage."

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