Friday, January 23, 2009

Revisions to 3

I actually did a bit of writing on Chapter 5 today. A bit. About four lines. On my lunch break. But it's a start.

Tonight, I wrote a lengthy response to some reader feedback on the Reach Readers forum (some of which I may repost here when I'm not quite so in need of sleep.) After re-reading the input that my panel has given me on Chapter 3, I went in and cleaned up a few minor areas. I'll post the revisions on the Reach Readers site soon. I can't remember now what draft I'd posted, but I'm sure it's not as tightly integrated into the following chapter. I should have waited to post it until they were a completed tandem! I will do that with 5 and 6. I've gotten a good jump on both of them, but I have to make the time to write them out. Saturday at the library might not happen as my friend wants to make a shopping excursion. I may have to turn our all-day shopping trip into lunch and hitting up one store, though, as I don't really need to spend any money, and my priority is Project Reach. Saturdays are my only writing time wherein I'm free to spend a solid block of hours with my ass in my office chair typing. Sundays are generally filled with football and grocery shopping and laundry, and this Sunday I'll have to get scrubbed up because I have tickets to Wicked! So probably no writing on Sunday.

Right now I'm going to shut the computer down and drift off to sleep while trying to come up with chapter titles for 5 and 6.

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