Friday, August 22, 2008

David's Narrative Style

I have decided that I must become a disciple of Raymond Chandler. I have been experimenting with ways to make Claire and David's internal dialog styles divergent enough to be distinct without having to use too many font cues in the book design (think Jacob vs. Bella in Breaking Dawn). When I first dove into The Big Sleep, I thought, "aha, a solution!" The style in which Marlowe tells his story is just what I'd needed for David. It's highly descriptive, with similes and metaphors galore, but Marlowe hardly ever reacts to anything. He has a stoicism that suits David very well. So I'm going to try to let Davis experience things and draw vivid comparisons without indulging in a running commentary of how he feels about any given thing (which is my usual style of writing). It's going to be a challenge for me. And I'll have to read a lot of Chandler for research and perhaps do a few writing exercises to get myself into the habit of writing as David. Claire's narrative, I think, will come more naturally.

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