Monday, August 18, 2008

Names and Meanings

I have just read the bulk of To Lucasta, a book of poetry by 17th Century Cavalier Richard Lovelace. I had decided that Claire's middle name should be Lucasta. Claire translates from the French as 'clear' or 'famous'. Lucasta is a compounding of lux and casta which in the Latin mean 'pure light'. So there we have Claire Lucasta Plummer. I chose Plummer for its association with the more common Plumber. Claire will plumb the depths of human consciousness.

Marlowe Ann Shovlin, I have already explained, ignores her middle name completely and has invented her own spelling of MarLo. Shovlin is a surname I have swiped from a customer at my day job. I liked it. It sounds pushy and demanding, just how I imagine MarLo to be. Oh, and I should mention that the spelling of MarLo was taken from a rather funny note left to me by my mother. My church's secretary Marlow had called to tell me choir practice had been canceled. My mother is not a great speller and ended up writing that MarLo had called for me. Just like that. With a capitol M and a capitol L. I found it hilarious, but have since thrown out that note. I still intend to read some of the Philip Marlowe adventures to further my understanding of MarLo's headspace. I may start on those tonight.

David Donovan Noyes is a good name, I think. I chose Noyes first, also stealing the name from a client at work. I found it interesting. It's a combination of No and Yes which lends itself well to David's indecision and when pronounced it comes out as Noise, which is an apt surname for a cognitive scientist, I think. David I chose simply because it was common and sounded well with Noyes. Donovan just came to me, but I intend to explain that it was David's mother's maiden name. I think I shall name her Katherine Donovan. That sounds like a good, solid journalists name. I have since learned that David Noyes Wines ships all over the country. If I should ever get this novel written and published, I should like to toast with some David Noyes wine.

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