Sunday, August 24, 2008

A New Addition

All of my goals for Saturday have been delayed until Sunday. I have taken the day off to visit a neighbor in the hospital and shop with my girlfriends. I was constantly guilted by the presence of my Mirado Black Warrior snagging on everything I pulled over my head in fitting rooms.

But I do have one very important Project Reach development to share. I'm so thrilled to announce that I have recruited a graduate student of Cognitive Sciences at Cornell University to help me critique David's character. My best friend's girlfriend's old college roommate at Bloomington! I love how that friend of a friend thing works. It's beautiful. So I'm going to draft a list of questions for him. If he's not swamped with school work and if he's amenable, then I'll also send him David's chapters to review. I am very excited about this. It'll keep me honest in my portrayal of the CogSci community. It'll help me catch any inconsistencies before they make it into print. And this new relationship may serve to open up still more new relationships with the folks up at Bloomington, who I haven't approached yet as I'm still making my way through a CogSci textbook, listening to podcast lectures, reading trade journals...just basically learning the fundamentals of the subject so I can approach it with some degree of intellect. Hopefully someday soon, though, I'll be able to take trip up to B-town and soak up the atmosphere, perhaps tour some of the campus, maybe even meet up with some of the CogSci peeps....hopefully coordinating all of this to coincide with an opera performance.

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