Saturday, August 16, 2008

Red Rabbit Evolves into Silver Fish

I didn't quite get two full pages of notes today, which has been my goal since Tuesday when I embarked on Project Reach. The notes I did make have pushed my outline out to a final conflict, though, and beyond into the realm of sequels. I have a set time frame in which to step the plot, as well. We begin in the middle of a fall semester at college, have a major event over Christmas break and conclude at or near the end of the school year, perhaps just during spring break. All in all, we're dealing with about 8 months in the lives of these characters. Let's just hope I can write it as fast.

I have also added yet another character to the Pantheon. Major Dr. Devlin, who is to be a bit of a villain. I'm not very well acquainted with him yet, but I know his function. Also, I think it would be fun for MarLo's 1984 VW Rabbit to be a character all its own in sort of a Little Miss Sunshine sort of way. It will evolve. MarLo always intended to turn it into an art car, so she works on it little by little, epoxying CD scales over the body as time/availability of trash CDs permits. One day only the left quarter panel is shining in the sun, the next day the infection has spread over the driver's side door. By the end of the book, the humble, faded red beater has been reborn as a shining silver fish. This will be symbolic of Claire and/or David's journey.

Things I learned about my characters today:
  • MarLo has a coffee table book about prison tattoos.
  • Claire only writes with click pens and never uses pens with caps, which she fears will get lost from their pen bodies.
  • Claire always smells like fresh baked bread.
  • Claire's IQ is higher than David's. This stuns him.
  • Dr. Feigner convinces Claire to take drawing lessons.
  • David orders a different sandwich every day, choosing the next item down on the menu from the one he had the previous day and cycles through the entire menu every 12 days.
  • David wears khakis and polos/button ups exclusively. He does not own jeans.
  • Dr. Feigner has a rather impressive collection of stress toys for 'research purposes'. Squeaks occasionally emanate from his office.
I'm still working on differentiating the tone of each narrator. Claire and David have a lot of similarities, reticence being one of them, but their mental dialog must be variant to some degree. I haven't figure it out yet. David may end up sounding very clinical and dry. I know that Claire is observant to a very fine degree, which is wonderful, and colors her narrative with delicious description. She is also highly speculative. David is less observant and never speculates, but is highly analytical. I haven't written anything but a few lines of dialog from Claire's perspective yet, so maybe the solution will come to me when I actually get to pounding the keyboard as Claire.

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