Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Chapter Progress

The first chapter is getting close now. But is it too much of a swing to have a character go from 10 years old to 18 in one chapter? Well, I guess it won't be if I do my job right. The backstory is what makes David likable at first because he's such a dry, clinical twit sometimes. Even in his own head. It's also good to know where he's coming from since he has no idea where he's going. Claire's intro will be almost the exact opposite in that her thoughts will center on her hopes for the future (both immediate and long-term goals) and nothing about her past will be revealed...perhaps alluded to in a subtle way, but no expository flash backs are planned for the first few chapters. I have just under two thousand words with another thousand to go before I move on to Claire's intro chapter. I'm at that "am I making a huge mistake with the trading perspectives" phase. Constant self-doubt. But I'll just have to work through it and see if the product is passable.

Highlight from the first chapter:

"It felt as if someone had dropped a stone directly onto my corpus callosum, sending ripples radiating outward to collide with my skull with a nearly audible throb."

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