Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Genesis

So, I have ideas. Lots of strange and wonderful ideas. My latest idea centers on the study of Cognitive Sciences and is a re-imagining of a short story I outlined last winter. I'm thinking now that I could stretch it into a novel with the right amount of imagination and outlining. So I'm off and researching. I rarely get anything past the research stage. But this time I may make a more concerted effort to actually write a novel. The concept is good, I think. The actual writing of things (dialog, description, pacing and so on) are actually rather easy for me. But, you see, I always tend to get a little ambitious with my subjects. In this case, I've created a cognitive sciences graduate student. He's brilliant, withdrawn, studious...boring. Let's not go anywhere near the fact that I know absolutely nothing about cognitive sciences or graduate school! But I'm hoping that the CogSci dept at IU Bloomington will be willing to assist me with key accuracy concerns and I'm fervently wishing to connect with a real grad student who's willing to proof some things for me...once I get past my initial stages of research and can hold a conversation about the topic without sounding like a complete idiot, that is. As for ancillary characters, I might throw in a graphic arts student sidekick, because there's a need for her in the story, to help design specific experiments and print a set of Zener cards and perhaps act as a control. But I don't want to get ahead of myself. Right now I think I'll just pop over to Amazon and buy some books to kick start my research.

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